Best Platform to Sell Bitcoin For Naira

Sell Bitcoin And Get Paid Instantly

Best Platform to Sell Bitcoin For Naira: The cryptocurrency market is getting more popular in the Nigeria eco-system, however, Bitcoin holders are having issues with converting their Bitcoin to Naira because of the federal government ban. The ban has led to people losing their Bitcoin to people with ill intentions (Rippers), who receive people’s Bitcoin and pay them less or nothing at all.

In response to this potential business opportunity, business-oriented individuals have set up online bitcoin exchange platforms where people can sell their Bitcoin and the equivalent Naira value will be sent to customers. This method is stress-free, easy, and saves time. 

Like all businesses set up on the internet, there are challenges associated with the Bitcoin Exchange platforms. Across the online social space, we see people ask questions like the best platform to sell Bitcoin, how fast it takes to get paid, and a lot more. The reason why people ask these questions are;

Trust Issues

The Bitcoin exchange platform is riddled with online thieves that promise people payment after sending the Bitcoin and they don’t stick to their promise. This has led to the coin of the new term “Ripper” which is somewhat dedicated to online Bitcoin platforms that don’t deliver at all or don’t pay in full. Therefore, you must be cautious when dealing online. People have been traumatized by several scams activities on the web. It shows the decadence of trust and belief in the several online merchants on the web today.

Rate Issues

For some others, it is not the frauds they are sceptical of, but they are concerned about the exchange platform that can offer them the best rate in the market. Some buyers offer rates that are way below the market average or they simply offer buyers a good rate but when it is time to deliver they pay them whatever rate they deem fit which is most times lower. This has also contributed to a lack of trust in the market.

Payment Speed

The time it takes to receive payment after sending Bitcoin also serves as a point of concern to sellers. Some merchants take days before they can verify the Bitcoin transaction and hence make payment. But prospective clients are looking for Bitcoin merchants that will make fast payments probably within hours or better.

Withdrawal Charges and Reliability

Some Bitcoin merchants charge withdrawal fees when they want to make payment, although these charges are always a tiny percentage of the transaction, however, sellers want a platform that will pay them in full without collecting any form of charges. Sellers are also worried about how reliable a merchant is and this is concerned about the availability of the merchant. Sellers want merchants that are available 24/7 and with zero or minimal downtime.

Dart Africa – Best Platform to Sell Bitcoin For Naira

With a focus on ease and ultra-fast payment time, Dart Africa stands out from other buyers of bitcoin. Dart Africa gives a positive response to all the issues mentioned above. Its continuous quest for greatness is among the distinctive features of this platform.

Dart Africa offers the fastest payment system with their fully automated selling platform which makes it easy to sell on the platform. Payment is made immediately after confirming the Bitcoin transaction. The process of converting your Bitcoin to cash has been simplified to suit both professionals and newbies.

With Dart Africa, you can only sell your Bitcoin at the best rate available in the market. There is an automated rate calculator on the website that gives the naira equivalent of any amount of Bitcoin you want to sell, all these are put in place to aid the selling experience of customers.

Going to the Dart Africa website you will be welcomed by the amazing user interface coupled with the easy user experience mechanism put in place to make your activity on the platform as easy as it can be.

Dart Africa’s superb customer service will wow you with its quick and customer-friendly response to any issue you might have encountered transacting on the platform. The customer service is all-around and available anytime you need them.

How to sell your Bitcoin on Dart Africa

After creating an account if you don’t already have one, you can exchange your Bitcoin for cash and get paid instantly on Dart Africa by following the process below.

  • Click on sell now.
  •  Log into your account by providing your email and password.
  • Select the type of coin (BTC).
  • Input the amount of coin you want to sell
  • Dart Africa will calculate its current rate in USD, and it’s equivalent in Naira value will be displayed immediately.
  • Click on sell coins now.
  • Make payments to the wallet details given or scan the QR code to continue. You get paid instantly after Dart Africa confirms and verifies the transaction.
  • The money sent to you will become available in your preferred Bank account.


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