How much can I sell a 1-dollar bitcoin in GHS?

1-dollar bitcoin in GHS: Selling a one-dollar bitcoin in Ghana today has become one of the most controversial topics in the crypto space. Due to the increasing number of trading platforms, choosing the most suitable one can be tough to decide. Not only in Ghana but in other African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and more. Irrespective of the constant disregard of most African governments on the subject of cryptocurrency, Crypto trading in Africa grows at an alarming rate.

In a country like Nigeria, where the central bank has placed a ban on the trading of cryptocurrency, Google still has it that Nigeria remains the country with the highest search queries on cryptocurrency and other crypto-related searches. If you are new to crypto trading, you do not have to join that chunk of web searchers. You have come to the right place.

1-dollar bitcoin in GHS

1-dollar bitcoin in GHS

The exchange rate to sell a $1 bitcoin in GHS on Dart Africa is 12.40 at the time of writing this piece. This rate can change due to the high volatility of bitcoin and other crypto assets. In an unrelated topic, stable coins like USDT, USDC, and BUSD would be a safe way to keep your funds in the crypto space without the fear of changes in the value of your coin. High volatility in crypto trading is not always a bad thing. Some crypto traders have mastered the trends and indicators of crypto trading that they usually profit from the fluctuations of the market.

1-dollar bitcoin in GHS

If you are wondering how you can always check the value of any quantity of any crypto asset, the coin calculator on Dart Africa would be your best tool. Imagine getting steady up-to-date rates from a platform where you can also sell the same coin for cash immediately. Stop imagining; it is REAL. Right here at

How to check current rates for any cryptocurrency in Nigeria and Ghana

1-dollar bitcoin in GHS
1-dollar bitcoin in GHS

The first thing to note with this tool is that it is free and requires no personal information. Another thing is that it is available 24/7 and steadily updated following the world’s crypto market prices. Here are the steps to check the value of cryptocurrencies in Naira and Cedes:

  1. Get a mobile or desktop device with an internet connection.
  2. Visit
  3. Click the Check Rates button. A shorter way would be to visit
  4. Select a coin. Here, select any coin you want to check. Contact support if you cannot find the coin listed in the drop-down. Customer support here responds instantaneously.
  5. Enter the coin amount. This is the amount of the coin you want to check. For example, 0.79578 units for BTC.
  6. You can also enter the USD value of the coin if you know it in the area provided below instead of the amount.
  7. Exchange values in Naira and Cedes will appear on top of the screen instantly.

Note that this process takes less than a minute, and users can repeat it as many times as they want if need be.

What is new in Crypto Trading around the world?

Cryptocurrency trading is a fast-paced and dynamic market that is constantly evolving. Here are some of the recent developments in cryptocurrency trading:

  1. Increased institutional adoption: Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies, with major companies and financial institutions investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This has helped to legitimize the cryptocurrency market and has led to increased liquidity and trading volumes.
  2. The emergence of decentralized exchanges: Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are a new type of cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without relying on a central authority or intermediary. DEXs are gaining popularity because they offer increased security and privacy, as well as lower fees.
  3. NFT trading: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new type of digital asset that is becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency market. NFTs are unique digital assets that can be used to represent anything from digital art to virtual real estate. NFT trading has exploded in recent months, with some NFTs selling for millions of dollars.
  4. Growth of algorithmic trading: Algorithmic trading is the use of automated trading software to execute trades based on pre-programmed instructions. This type of trading is becoming more popular in the cryptocurrency market because it can help traders to execute trades more quickly and efficiently and can also help to reduce the impact of human emotions on trading decisions.
  5. Increased regulatory scrutiny: As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, there has been increased regulatory scrutiny from governments around the world. This has led to new regulations and restrictions on cryptocurrency trading, which can impact the market and trading volumes.
  6. Stablecoins: They are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to a stable asset, such as the US dollar or gold. They are gaining in popularity because they offer traders a way to hedge against the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular ones are BUSD, USDT, and USDC. Do you have a stablecoin you want to sell for cash in Ghana or Nigeria? These coins are available for trade on

In summary, the cryptocurrency trading market is constantly evolving, and there are always new developments and trends to watch out for. As with any type of trading, it is important to stay informed and to be aware of the risks involved.

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