Is PressPayNg Legit Or Scam?

PressPayNg is a financial platform with the primary aim of providing Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education financing solutions to parents.

Education stands as a formidable tool driving economic, social, and political advancement within any nation. From various levels, education offers a path to societal recognition, improved employment prospects, political and cultural well-being, expanded life choices, and intellectual stimulation.  

The prevailing economic circumstances in Nigeria have cast a shadow on the accessibility, cost, affordability, and funding of education across all levels of Nigeria. The pressing concern lies in the escalating number of out-of-school children, surging from 10.5 million to 18.5 million in 2022. Public university expenses average between $125 and $500 annually, while private institutions cost around $2,700 per year. Furthermore, the average annual dropout rate for tertiary education stands at 18%. In the face of these challenges, ensuring access to education and its financing has become pivotal in Nigeria.

PressPayNg emerges as the solution, empowering every Nigerian to embark on and successfully complete primary, secondary, and tertiary education journeys without encountering the obstacles of dropout or deferral.

PressPayNg, a digital financing platform for tertiary education, says it has reached and on-boarded over 60,000 Nigerian students and parents by providing funding solutions to beneficiaries.

Is PressPayNg Legit?

PressPayNg stands as a reputable platform providing bona fide financial services and loans tailored for the Education sector. With PressPayNg, you can confidently seek assistance for your tuition or school fees, backed by a trusted source.

For students who find it challenging to save due to frequent expenses, PressPay offers an ideal solution. It emerges as the perfect app to manage your financial needs effectively.

How To Get Started With PressPayNg

  • Download the app or start the application on the website
  • Register on the app
  • We carry out KYC and verify your application information
  • We credit you 50% of your tuition

PressPayNg Partners

  • FCMB
  • Federal Ministry Of Education
  • Cornerstone
  • Jobberman
  • SUNU Assurance
  • MetroHealth
  • Coverpage Partnership Solution


Empowering the educational aspirations of all Nigerians,

Introducing groundbreaking innovations and effective solutions for advancing human capital development in Nigeria.

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Benefits Of Using PressPayNg

Embrace personal accountability for your education journey by initiating your Tuition Savings through PressPayNg and relish a multitude of advantages.

• Seamlessly receive Tuition Donations from friends, family, and philanthropic individuals via the “Crowdfund My Tuition” feature and the Donor Link within the App.

• PressPayNg extends accessible Tuition loans to parents, amounting to up to 50% of the tuition value, all without the need for collateral. These School Fees Loans are available for parents with children attending Private Primary & Secondary Schools, as well as both Private and Public Tertiary Institutions.

• Unlock the opportunity to secure Tuition Scholarships from PressPayNg, achieved through partnerships with corporate entities as part of their CSR-driven educational initiatives in Nigeria.

• Benefit from free Soft-Skill Training and Holiday Job placements facilitated by PressPayNg, enriching you with Workplace Readiness Skills and valuable practical experience.

• Opt for the Student-Friendly Health Maintenance Plan subscription and enjoy access to a network of over 3,500 partnered hospitals.

• As a parent, enrol in a significantly discounted Education Insurance Plan on PressPayNg, guaranteeing a stable source of education funding for your children.

• Embrace the concept of earning while learning by capitalizing on referral opportunities within the PressPayNg App.

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