What Does ‘Insufficient Liquidity for this Trade’ Mean?

When you trade cryptocurrencies, it is not uncommon to encounter error messages and have transactions that don’t go through. Sometimes there are technical problems with the trading platform that can cause these errors. It could be due to things like too much traffic on the network, not enough money in your account, or mistakes in the transaction details.

One common error encountered by crypto traders is “Insufficient Liquidity for this Trade.” This error typically occurs when there is not enough liquidity in the market to execute a particular trade.

Liquidity refers to the availability of buyers and sellers in a market, along with the ability to quickly convert an asset into cash without significant price impact. When there is insufficient liquidity, it means there aren’t enough participants willing to buy or sell at the desired price, resulting in failed or delayed trades.

There can be several reasons behind this error. Listed below are the major causes.

Low trading volume

Trading volume refers to the total number of assets being bought and sold within a given period. When the trading volume is low, it means there are fewer participants actively trading the specific cryptocurrency, resulting in limited liquidity.

Low trading volume can be attributed to several factors. For newly introduced cryptocurrencies, there might not be a significant number of traders interested in buying or selling them, leading to lower overall trading activity. The consequence of low trading volume is that it becomes challenging to execute trades at desired prices. This can be frustrating for traders looking to enter or exit positions promptly.

Market manipulation

Market manipulation is another cause for the error “Insufficient Liquidity for this Trade.” Market manipulation refers to intentional actions taken by groups to artificially influence the price or trading activity of a particular cryptocurrency. This manipulation can create an imbalance in supply and demand, leading to insufficient liquidity for certain trades.

Trading restrictions

Trading restrictions can be imposed by authorities, limiting the ability to trade certain cryptocurrencies or imposing limitations on trading activities. As a result, the available liquidity for those restricted assets can be significantly reduced. Trading restrictions can be enforced to protect investors, prevent market manipulation, or ensure compliance with legal requirements. Also, exchanges might impose trading restrictions as part of their risk management practices or to maintain orderly market conditions.

To address ‘Insufficient Liquidity for this Trade’ issue, there are a few potential solutions. Firstly, traders can try adjusting their trade parameters, such as placing limit orders at more favorable prices or reducing the trade size. By being flexible, it may be possible to find a more liquid entry or exit point.

Another option is to check alternative exchanges or trading pairs that offer higher liquidity for the specific cryptocurrency of interest. Also, staying informed about market trends can help traders anticipate liquidity issues and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

How to Liquidate your Crypto Assets

To liquidate your crypto assets simply means to convert them into cash. It involves selling your cryptocurrency holdings in order to realize its monetary value.

Liquidation is often pursued for various reasons. It allows individuals to access the value of their crypto assets and convert them into a easily usable form, such as Naira or Ghanian Cedis. Converting cryptocurrency to cash is a straightforward process with Dart Africa. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account on Dart Africa.
  2. Once your account is created and verified, log in to your dashboard to acess the trade section.
  3. In the trading section, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to sell. Dart Africa supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  4. After selecting your preferred cryptocurrency, enter the amount you want to sell. Dart Africa will generate a wallet address where you can transfer your crypto assets.
  5. Use your crypto wallet to transfer the specified amount of cryptocurrency to the wallet address provided by Dart Africa. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive cash in your Dart Africa account.
  6. Upon receiving cash in your Dart Africa account, return to your dashboard and click on the wallet section. This is where you can manage your funds within the platform.
  7. To withdraw your funds, select the withdrawal option and enter your bank details. Double-check the information to prevent any issues with your withdrawal.
  8. After submitting your withdrawal request, your funds will be processed instantly, and you should receive them within a few minutes.

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