What Is Vodafone Red Business Code In Ghana?

Vodafone offers a range of exciting packages, with one standout option being Vodafone Red. Users can attest to the excellence of subscribing to this package. In this post, we delve into the details of Vodafone Red Packages.

What Is Vodafone Red?

The Vodafone RED offer is an integrated bundle that gives you minutes to call all local networks, data to browse and SMS to connect with friends and family. 

Vodafone Red gives weekly and monthly integrated bundles, giving you matchless value to take care of all your communication needs in one plan.

Vodafone Red Code

There are three (3) different methods through which one can subscribe to these Red Packages and they are:

  • USSD (*151*3* & *200# )
  • IVR (200)
  • My Vodafone App

To register, dial *151*3# or *200# and follow the provided prompts.

Some Of The Vodafone RED Packages

Red 1

The first Vodafone Red package is known as “Red 1” and this package gives you:

  • Unlimited Calls To Vodafone Numbers
  • 10 Minutes To Call Any Local Network
  • Data Bundle Worth 52 MB
  • Valid for 24 hours

The subscription fee for this package is GH¢ 1.00. 

Red 2

The Red 2 package gives you:

  • 414 Minutes To Call Vodafone Numbers
  • 31 minutes To Call Any Local Network
  • Data Bundle Worth 104MB
  • Valid for 3 days

The subscription fee for the Red 2 package is: GH¢ 2.00. 

Red 2 Plus

The second Vodafone Red package is known as “Red 2 Plus” and this package offers you:

  • 52 Minutes To Call Any Local Network 
  • Data Bundle Worth 52 MB 
  • Does not expiry

The subscription fee for the Red 2 Plus is: GH¢ 2.00. 

Red 5 

The Vodafone “Red 5” package gives you:

  • 258 Minutes ( 129 Minutes To Call Vodafone Numbers And 129 Minutes To Call Any Local Network)
  • Data Bundle Worth 259MB 
  • 10 SMS
  • Valid for 7 days

The subscription fee for the Red 5 package is: GH¢ 5.40. 

Red 5 Plus

The Red 5 Plus package gives you:

  • 155 Minutes To Call Any Local Network
  • Data bundle worth 155 MB
  • Does not expiry

The subscription fee for the Red 5 Plus package is: GH¢ 5.00.

Red 10

The Vodafone ‘” Red 10″ package offers you: 

  • 331 Minutes To Call Any Local Network
  • Data Bundle Worth 331 MB 
  • 10 SMS
  • Does not expiry

The subscription fee for the Red 10 package is: GH¢ 10.00. 

Vodafone Red Loyalty Offer FAQs

How can I join the RED offer?

Any mobile prepaid subscriber can get this offer by dialling *151*3# or *200#.

What channels can I use to subscribe to this offer?

You can use any of the channels below to subscribe to this offer;

USSD (*151*3#; *200#).

IVR (200)

My Vodafone App.

Will my bundle auto-renew?

You can choose the “one-time bundle option” or “auto renewal option” while purchasing the bundle.

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How do I check my balance?

You can check your bundle balance by dialling *124# or *126#.

Can I deregister from this offer?

Yes, you can deregister by dialling *200# and choosing the ‘Deregister’ option.

How do I sign up for Eekoso promo ( Red Loyalty)?

Simply stay active on Vodafone, top up and purchase bundles via Vodafone cash to earn Red coins to redeem for awesome rewards.

Are Red coins earned when I borrow SOS?

NO. SOS does not earn Red coins.

How do I check my Red coins?

Ans: Dial *533# or Visit My Vodafone App to check and redeem Red coins.

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