Fastest platform to trade crypto for cedis in 2023

trade crypto for cedis in 2023: The crypto world has morphed into different phases of development in the past few years which gave rise to a wide range of crypto adoption. These heightened levels of acceptance have also given rise to several platforms that assist traders with getting their trades right. Some are great, and others are just coming up or not worth the try at all. In all, Identifying the platform that delivers crypto funds without delay and offers a profitable rate is the catch in this post.

If you want to sell cryptocurrency in Ghana to the fastest trading platform, Dart Africa is your best shot. Speed in crypto trading is not only about the actual trading process but also the withdrawal process and customer support responsiveness. You do not want to be plagued with what trading with a slow crypto trading platform can do for you. Dart Africa combines the abilities of a fast-trading platform with 24/7 responsiveness and availability.

Trade crypto for cedis in 2023

trade crypto for cedis in 2023

trade crypto for cedis in 2023

At Dart Africa, there is no closing time to when you can get your coins converted to Cedis. The moment you make the request, we are always overjoyed to bring you the funds. Besides getting paid fast, Dart Africa also makes the best rates available by offering the best rate in Accra and all of Ghana. Do you want to know how fast it is to check a rate on the fastest trading platform in Ghana? Of course, you do! Below are the quick steps to checking the current rates for listed coins on Dart Africa:

  1. Visit with any browser on any device.
  2. Select a coin of your choice.
  3. Enter the amount, and the converted value will be on your screen instantly.

Note that this process is applicable at any time of the day and is available to anybody. There is no need to own an account to check a rate on Dart Africa. Your time is too precious to us. Besides checking the rates, have you checked out the load speed of our platforms? Dart Africa operates on the official website at and the mobile app on Google Play Store. These two platforms are optimized for speed and zero server downtime. So, be rest assured that your trading will go on fast and smoothly at any time of the day.

How to trade Bitcoin, BUSD, and USDT on the Fastest Trading Platform in 2023

Do you want to trade coins a fast and easy way? Follow the quick steps below as you get your first coin sold for cedis in minutes:

  1. Visit the website or download the app: Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Dart Africa” to get the app for mobile. Hit the install button and you will get the app on your phone in less than ten seconds. The app is just below 10MB, a good network will get it installed in a few seconds. If the website seems more to your liking, visit and see how fast we take you there. All pages are preloaded to give you a wonderful experience of our services.
  2. Register an account: Click on the Sell coin button that takes you to the login page. Click on the sign-up below the screen if you do not have an account yet. The registration page requires you to provide accurate information about your username, country, phone number, email address, and password. Ensure your password is something that you can remember yet not easy to guess. You can use the forget password link on the login page should you forget your password. Also, ensure that your email address is accessible because you will have to check for a verification link that will be sent to your email address. Click the link to verify in one second and proceed to log in to your account.
  3. Trade a coin: Locate the Sell Coin section on the dashboard and select your coin type. For example, select Bitcoin if that is what you will like to sell for cash. Proceed to enter the amount of the selected coin you want to sell for cedis. Check the rate and proceed with the submission button below the section.
  4. Transfer the coins: After initiating the trade, a wallet address will pop up on your screen. Copy the wallet address and transfer the exact amount of funds that you entered in the request.
  5. Await payment: The payment for the transferred coin will reflect in the wallet on the dashboard immediately after two payment confirmations.
  6. Withdraw funds from the wallet: Click the button below the wallet and enter your bank details to get coins to your bank account. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit. Check your phone for a bank alert some seconds after the submission.

Do you want to blaze fast with crypto trading? Try Dart Africa today!

trade crypto for cedis in 2023 – trade crypto for cedis in 2023

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