Bitcoin To Naira Calculator

Bitcoin To Naira Calculator: The cryptocurrency exchange market is getting more popular in the Nigeria eco-system, and one problem people seem to have is getting the appropriate rate for their cryptocurrency. You need the right rate calculator to know the value of your Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies in Naira and there is no better calculator than on our platform. At Dart Africa, we offer one of the best exchange rates in the local crypto exchange market, you can confirm this by checking the value of your Bitcoin using the coin calculator feature on our platforms.

Bitcoin To Naira Calculator

Bitcoin To Naira Calculator

What makes Dart Africa a better exchange platform

With a focus on ease and ultra-fast payment time, we stand out from other buyers of bitcoin. We have provided positive solutions to the irregularities that have plagued the local crypto exchange market over the years.

We offer a fast payment system thanks to our fully automated selling platform which has been designed to make it easy for customers to sell on the platform. Payment is made immediately after confirming the Bitcoin transaction. The process of converting your Bitcoin to Naira has been streamlined to suit both professionals and newbies in the crypto exchange world.

Bitcoin To Naira Calculator

With Dart Africa, you can only sell your Bitcoin at the best rate available in the market. Our rate calculator feature on both our website and mobile app gives the naira equivalent of any amount of Bitcoin you want to sell, all these are put in place to aid the selling experience of our customers. You don’t have to commit to trade before you can check the Naira value of your Bitcoin.

When you visit either our website or mobile app you will be welcomed by the amazing user interface coupled with the easy user experience mechanism put in place to make your activity on the platforms a stress-free one.

We have a 24/7 customer support system that will wow you with its quick and customer-friendly response to any issue you might have trying to sell your crypto coin.

To sell your Bitcoin for cash simply;

  • Create and set up an account with us or login if you already have an account. You can do this through our website or mobile app.
  • Navigate to the trade interface and choose Bitcoin as your preferred cryptocurrency and click on sell coin now.
  • Send the Bitcoin to the wallet address provided by the system by manually inputting the address on your wallet or scanning the bar code provided.
  • We will send the funds to your account within minutes of confirming your Bitcoin transaction.
  • After your Dart Africa account has been credited, send the funds to your Nigerian bank account.

The current state of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first successful attempt at creating a digital currency that is free of any form of government control or interference, however, due to recent development, the decentralised nature of all cryptocurrencies has become more like an unattainable financial utopia. 

With the crypto market having similar characteristics to the traditional financial market, for instance, the scare of recession in the United States has made investors quite pessimistic about the crypto market and this has led to a massive withdrawal of funds from the market by both small crypto owners and big whales. In the utopian foundation of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin things like this shouldn’t have the market condition in the crypto world but this has not been the case as the market capitalization of crypto has dropped from around $3 trillion to a little above $1 trillion all in the space of 6 months or so.

Bitcoin To Naira Calculator

Due to the recent fall in price, some cryptocurrency critics have said that the only thing that distinguishes the crypto market from the traditional financial market is government backing, while this can be seen in a positive light it also has a huge disadvantage to cryptocurrency consumers. In the traditional financial market, the government tend to bail consumer out in case of market irregularities, however, in the crypto world, nobody is backing your money since cryptocurrencies are nothing but a trusted written ledger stored on the internet, unlike traditional currencies that are backed by trust, taxpayers fund, road, military power, infrastructures and a whole lots of things that constitute an economy. 

While cryptocurrency promises a Utopian financial system where people are free from the harm caused by the government, there is a long way to go before we can reach this oasis in the crypto world. Hence the bull and bear season will be a recurring trend over the years. Cryptocurrency is an innovative invention with lots of promise that when things are done right might lead to a more fruitful economy.

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