How Much Is 10 USD Worth Of Bitcoin In Naira

10 USD Worth Of Bitcoin In Naira: The current price of $10 Bitcoin in Naira is N5,400. Note this rate is subject to change because the BTC market is a highly volatile one. You can always check the current rate using the Dart Africa rate calculator.

What is Dart Africa

Dart Africa is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can sell your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other altcoins easily for the highest trade rate possible. Dart Africa offers an automated trading platform that offers cryptocurrency payment immediately after confirming the transaction.

10 USD Worth Of Bitcoin In Naira

10 USD Worth Of Bitcoin In Naira

Generally, the goal of Dart Africa is to make the journey of cryptocurrency holders that wants to sell their coins an easy and memorable one. Dart Africa have studied the deficiencies in the crypto exchange platform and come up with a reasonable solution to help cryptocurrency sellers scale seamlessly through the hurdle of selling their Bitcoins and other coins to cryptocurrency merchants or buyers.

What differentiates Dart Africa from other exchange platforms

  1. What most cryptocurrencies holders really care about is the exchange rate. Dart Africa offers one of the best exchange rates in the crypto exchange market. When you trade with Dart Africa, you will be offered the highest rate possible, hence you get more value for your crypto. You can always check the current rate of selected cryptocurrencies using Dart Africa’s exchange rate calculator.
  2. Another thing that stress cryptocurrency sellers is the payment time. Dart Africa runs an automated exchange platform, payments are made within a few minutes of confirming the cryptocurrency transaction. After you login into your Dart Africa account and you send the crypto to the address provided, either by manually copying the wallet address or scanning the bar code, once the transaction is confirmed, you will immediately receive payment.
  3. Our website is built in a way that it will be easy for both professionals and newbies to sell their Bitcoin and other altcoins on the platform. Dart Africa’s website has an amazing user interface and it is supported by a user-friendly design that makes navigating through the website easy.
  4. We have also provided customers with a support system that is available 24/7. The support service is designed to assist both customers and prospective customers on how to easily sell your bitcoin on the platform or solve any issue you might have encountered sing the platform.

How To sell Your Bitcoin on Dart Africa

  1. Before you can sell any cryptocurrency on our platform you have to have an account with us. Sign up with your correct credentials (Email and phone number)  or log in with your Emal Address and password if you already have an account.
  2. Fill in your bank account information.
  3. Once you are logged in, click on sell on your account dashboard.
  4. Select Bitcoin as your preferred cryptocurrency if you are selling Bitcoin or other altcoins displayed if you want to sell other coins. Select the amount of crypto you want to sell and the prevailing dollar and Naira price will be provided. Click on sell coin now
  5. Complete the transaction by sending the bitcoin to the wallet address provided either by manually inputting the wallet address or scanning the bar code.
  6. Once our system confirms your transactions, funds will be sent into your account within minutes.

How Cryptocurrencies works

Cryptocurrencies are digital money that is based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the first successful attempt at creating digital currencies, that is why it is so relevant today and people refer to it as digital gold. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, its account for about 43% of the total market cap followed by Ethereum.

One of the reasons why Bitcoin has high value to date is because of the limited supply. It is only possible to mint 21 million BTC and 18 million-plus are already minted. This has further helped keep the relevance of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency world.

What to know about the cryptocurrency ban in Africa

As of November 2021, a total of 23 African countries has issued either an implicit ban or an absolute ban on all cryptocurrency activities within their economy. 

Four African countries placed an absolute ban on cryptocurrency, while 19 countries placed implicit restrictions on the digital assets.

List of Countries with cryptocurrency ban in Africa

  1. Algeria  — Absolute ban
  2. Benin —  Implicit ban 
  3. Burkina Faso — Implicit ban 
  4. Burundi — Implicit ban
  5. Cameroon — Implicit ban
  6. Central African Republic — Implicit ban
  7. Chad — Implicit ban
  8. Cote d`Ivoire — Implicit ban
  9. Democratic Republic of Congo — Implicit ban
  10. Egypt  — Absolute ban
  11. Gabon — Implicit ban
  12. Lesotho — Implicit ban
  13. Libya — Implicit ban
  14. Mali —  Implicit ban
  15. Morocco  — Absolute ban
  16. Namibia — Implicit ban
  17. Niger — Implicit ban
  18. Nigeria — Implicit ban
  19. Senegal — Implicit ban
  20. Tunisia  — Absolute ban
  21. Zimbabwe — Implicit ban
  22. Tanzania — Implicit ban
  23. Togo — Implicit ban

Despite the clampdown on crypto by some government authorities in Africa and indeed in the world, the cryptocurrency market exploded in terms of market size and performance in 2021. 

The government of El-Salvador in 2021 legalised Bitcoin as legal tender in the country and some states in the United States are about to follow this pattern in 2022. —– How Much Is $50 Bitcoin In Naira

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