How Much Is 50 USD Bitcoin In Naira

How Much Is 50 USD Bitcoin In Naira: The current price of $50 Bitcoin is N27,250 as of the time of writing this article. At this point, it is general knowledge that the price of Bitcoin is a highly volatile one. Among asset classes, Bitcoin has had one of the more volatile trading histories. The cryptocurrency’s first big price increase occurred in 2010 when the value of a single bitcoin jumped from just a fraction of a penny to $0.09.

In recent years the price of bitcoin reached its highest, $63,000 on April 12, 2021, and the current price as of March 3, 2022, is $42,364, this trend shows how volatile Bitcoin can be, Bitcoin traders have equipped themselves with the knowledge that helps them makes decisions on when to buy and sell Bitcoin.

You can always check the Dart Africa rate calculator to check for the current worth of your Bitcoin. This calculator is a fully automated system that updates itself when the price of Bitcoin changes, so you can rest assured that you will get the correct estimate from the rate calculator at all times.

Bitcoin is operated on the public ledger technology called the blockchain. Blockchain is a type of shared database that differs from a typical database in the way that it stores information; blockchains store data in blocks that are then linked together via cryptography so there is no means to alter any information already saved on it. For Bitcoin, this means that transactions are permanently recorded and viewable to anyone

In Bitcoin’s case, blockchain is used in a decentralized way so that no individual or group can claim ownership or control it—rather, all users collectively retain control.

Technically, the data stored on the blockchain is what gives Bitcoin and a whole lot of other cryptocurrency value, because there is no physical cryptocurrency anywhere, all Bitcoins are stored and mined on the blockchain so anything should happen to the blockchain, Bitcoin will likely lose it value. However it is theoretically impossible to hack the blockchain or for a single individual to alter the activity of the blockchain because to do this the attacker needs to access more than 50% of all computers that have the blockchain technology running on it, this is practically impossible.

Until recently Blockchain technology is only used to store encrypted data about cryptocurrency transactions, however, the Ethereum network has been able to use blockchain technology to do other things like Smart contracts, Decentralised applications on finance, arts (NFTs – non-fungible tokens) and so on.

How Much Is 50 USD Bitcoin In Naira

How Much Is 50 USD Bitcoin In Naira How Much Is 2 Bitcoin In Ghana

Why choose Dart Africa

Dart Africa is arguably the best exchange platform to sell your Bitcoin and get the highest possible return for your Bitcoin. Dart Africa have studied the deficiencies in the cryptocurrency exchange market and built a platform that provides positive solutions to these issues. Dart Africa aims to bridge the gap between customers’ expectation and what is delivered by the crypto exchange platform.

Benefits of trading with Dart Africa

  • High exchange rate: Dart Africa has the highest exchange rate in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Dart Africa’s exchange rate is always high because customer satisfaction is part of our goals as an exchange platform. When you trade with Dart Africa you will always make a profit. Check the current rate using Dart Africa’s exchange rate calculator.
  • Fast Payment Time: Unlike most exchange platforms that take days sometimes a week to pay customers, with Dart Africa our payment system is automated. Sellers receives funds in their preferred bank account within minutes of confirming payment. Once you send the Bitcoin to the address provided by manually inputting the address or scanning the bar code, it is only a matter of minutes for you to receive your money. 
  • Easy and Smooth User Experience: Dart Africa’s website is designed to make customers’ experience on the website a smooth and easy one. The website is designed in a way that both professionals and newbies can easily navigate and sell their Bitcoin with few clicks.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: with Dart Africa, there is customer service that is always available to attend to you 24/7 in case you have any difficulties selling your Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others. 

In summary, if you sell your Bitcoin to Dart Africa, you will enjoy the following; 

  • Instant payment at all times.
  • Sells at the best rates.
  • 24/7 responsive customer service.
  • User-friendly and intuitive platform

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