How To Check Your ID Number On Vodafone

Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa, led by our purpose to connect for a better future. We develop a range of leading products and services to connect our customers and help build digital societies of the future. 

Vodafone ID number is used to manage customers’ activities on the Vodafone network, if you need this number and you don’t know how to get it, this article is tailored for you. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to check your Vodafone ID number, let us first talk about what it is. 

What Is Vodafone ID Number

Vodafone ID number, often referred to as Customer ID or Subscriber ID, is a unique identification number assigned to each Vodafone subscriber. It is used by Vodafone to manage customer accounts and services. This ID number helps Vodafone keep track of individual customers, their plans, billing information, and other account-related details. It is an essential piece of information for customer verification and accessing services provided by Vodafone. Customers usually need to provide their Vodafone ID number when interacting with Vodafone’s customer service or making changes to their account.

There are differences between a Vodafone ID number and a phone number your phone number is used for communication purposes, while your Vodafone ID number is an internal identifier used by Vodafone for managing your account and services.

How to check Vodafone ID Number

There are various ways of checking your ID number, we will cover three of them in this post. 

  • Visit a Vodafone Store: You can visit any nearby Vodafone store or service centre. The customer service representative will assist you in retrieving your ID number after verifying your identity.
  • Call Customer Service: You can call Vodafone’s customer service helpline. They will ask you some security questions to verify your identity and will then provide you with your ID number.
  • Online Account: If you have an online account with Vodafone, log in to your account on their official website. Your ID number will be in your profile information.

How To Check Your Vodafone Number

There are two major ways to go about this, the USSD way and through the Vodafone Mobile app.

USSD Method

The easiest way to check your Vodafone phone number is by using the *111# USSD code. Simply;

  • Dial *111*2# from your Vodafone mobile number.
  • You’ll instantly get an SMS with your registered number.

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Through Vodafone Mobile App

To get your Vodafone number, you can use the Vodafone app. Although this method involves an extra step, the benefits of having the app make it worthwhile. Here are easy-to-follow steps explaining how to check your Vodafone mobile number using the app.

  • Download the Vodafone app on your preferred Store.
  • Open the app and log in to your account. Create an account if you don’t have one
  • Your Vodafone mobile number will be displayed on the app home screen.

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