How To Clear Error Code On Gotv In Ghana

GOtv error codes serve as notifications displayed on your decoder screen to indicate service or decoder-related problems. If you’re a GOtv user, you’ve likely faced these issues hindering your ability to watch channels despite paying for subscriptions. This guide aims to guide you on how to clear any of these error codes

Different Types Of GOtv Error Codes

There are different types of error codes,

  • E16: The GOtv decoder displays this error when the subscription has expired.
  • E17: This error code appears when the GOtv decoder is not authorized.
  • E32: This error code indicates that the GOtv decoder is having trouble communicating with the satellite signal.
  • E33: This error code indicates that the GOtv decoder is not receiving a strong enough signal from the satellite.
  • E34: This error code indicates that there is a problem with the signal frequency.
  • E38: This error code indicates that the GOtv decoder is not able to communicate with the server.
  • E48-32: This error code indicates that there is a problem with the signal quality.

How To Clear Payments Related Error Codes GOTV16 or GOTV30

Most payment error codes can be cleared by resetting your GOtv decoder.

Reset your decoder with your mobile phone by:

  • Send a text message with “Reset” and your IUC number to 4688. Example: “Reset 1234567891” to 4688.
  • Alternatively, you can use the USSD code *759# to access GOtv’s self-care services and get in touch with Customer Care.

How To Clear Error Code Online

  • Visit the official GOtv website.
  • Log in to your online GOtv account with your IUC number and surname you used to register your GOtv
  • Go to the “Self-Service” menu
  • Click on the “Clear Error Code” box
  • Enter your IUC number and choose the type of error code you want to clear.
  • Click on “Reset device now”
  • Make sure your decoder is turned on during this process.

How To Clear Signal-Related Error Code

The other kind of GOtv error code you will find is the E32 E33 or E48-32 error code. This shows up to notify you of a signal problem. If you find this error code on GOtv, then you have to do some manual work to clear it. These codes could also appear due to adverse weather conditions. Here’s how to fix it.

  1. Check Weather Conditions: If the error occurs during bad weather, wait for the weather to improve. Adverse weather can interfere with the satellite signal.
  1. Reposition the Antenna: Ensure your antenna is properly positioned and not obstructed. If necessary, adjust its direction to improve signal reception.
  1. Elevate the Antenna: If nearby obstacles are blocking the signal, consider elevating your antenna using a taller pole or placing it in a higher location.
  1. Inspect Cables: Check all cables connected to your decoder and antenna for any damage. Replace damaged cables as they can weaken the signal.
  1. Clear Obstructions: Remove any physical obstructions around your antenna that might interfere with the signal reception, such as tree branches or building structures.
  1. Rescan Channels: Perform a channel rescan on your decoder after making adjustments to ensure the channels are properly tuned.

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How To Reset Your GOtv Channels

You can reset your GOtv channels by scanning for channels again. This is on with your decoder turned on. 

  • Press the “Menu” button on your remote
  • Go to “Advanced Options”
  • Choose “Installation” on your next screen
  • Select “Tuning”
  • Then select “Automatic Scan” and press “OK”
  • Once the scanning is completed, press “exit” on your remote.

Your GOtv channel will be restored. Do not interrupt the scanning while in progress or you might end up with incomplete channels.

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