How To Use Taj Bank Ussd Codes

Taj Bank, headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, is a rapidly expanding commercial bank established in 2019. Operating in accordance with Islamic banking principles, Taj Bank is a technology-driven non-interest banking services provider, offering a wide range of services including private banking, business banking, retail banking, and development finance. Just like other commercial banks in Nigeria, TAJ Bank offers its users banking with their mobile phones through its USSD code. The aim is to provide a secure and convenient way of carrying out banking transactions.

This article will equip you with information on how to use the TAJ Bank USSD code including, how to register and activate it, the various USSD code for different transactions and lots more.

What Is USSD?

USSD stand for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a type of network technology utilised by mobile network providers to exchange messages between a mobile phone and an application on the network.

USSD are shortcuts that begin with an asterisk (*) and end with a hash (#). USSD codes are not only used for banking operations, we can also use them to subscribe and unsubscribe from various services offered by network providers, check NIN and a lot more.

Banks extensively utilize USSD codes to offer mobile banking services to their clientele. Through USSD codes, customers have the convenience of checking their account balances, initiating fund transfers, settling bills, and conducting various other banking transactions directly from their mobile devices.

What Is Taj Bank’s USSD Code?

The Taj Bank USSD Code is *898#, this code can be used for all mobile banking transactions provided by the Bank.

  • Fund transfer to a Taj Bank account and other banks in Nigeria.
  • Check your account balance
  • Buy Airime for yourself and others
  • Check your account number 
  • Bills Payment
  • Open a Taj Bank

You need to have an account with Taj Bank and your phone number linked to the account to use the Taj Bank USSD code. While the code can be used to carry out various transactions, you need to activate it before you can use it. 

How to Register & Activate Taj Bank USSD Code

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the TAJ Bank code on your line.

  1. Dial the code (*898#) on your linked phone number.
  2. Select “Register” or “Create PIN” from the menu options.
  3. Enter your Taj Ban account number.
  4. Create a 4-digit PIN of your choice. 
  5. Confirm the PIN by entering it once again. This PIN will be used to authenticate future transactions.

Once you successfully complete these steps, you can use your phone for your Taj Banking transactions.

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Taj Bank USSD Code for Opening an Account

The USSD code for Taj bank account opening is *898#, Accept the mobile banking terms and continue to follow the prompts to open an account with Taj bank.

Taj Bank USSD Code for Checking Balance

You can check your Taj bank account balance by simply dialing *898# then select the “Check Balance” option and the money you have left in your account will be displayed on your screen.

Taj Bank USSD Code for Buying Airtime

The Taj bank USSD code to buy airtime for yourself (SIM linked with your Taj bank account) is *898# select the “Airtime Top Up” option, enter the amount you want to recharge, enter the phone to recharge, then enter your PIN.

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