Review: Is BoxPay Money Transfer Legit?

BoxyPay focuses on facilitating money transfers within a specific route: from the United States to Nigeria. In this review, we will assess the fundamental features and constraints of BoxyPay, comparing it with other specialised money transfer services in the industry.

About BoxyPay

Boxypay allows you to send money worldwide to friends and family from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. They also offer convenient ways for the recipient to receive their money. You can also track transactions with text updates, email notifications and through the app.

BoxyPay’s unique approach to mobile money transfers utilizes your device’s contact list, allowing you to send money to familiar and trusted recipients without the hassle of entering their bank account details every time. This feature distinguishes BoxyPay and enhances its user experience. One of the key weaknesses is the limitation of the platform. Currently, you can only send friends from the United States to Nigeria as of the time of writing (Oct 2023) this post.

Features On the Boxypay Platform

Send Money: As previously mentioned, Boxpay allows users to send money from the United States to Nigeria. They claim to have a great exchange rate and low transaction fees. Available International Payout Options:

  • Cash pick up
  • Instant deposit to bank account

International Call: Users also get access to cheap international calls on the platform. Boxpay offers free $2 on the first Money Transfer.

International Calling Rate:

  • Nigeria: Mobile: 10.80 ¢/min
  • Colombia: Mobile: 2.65 ¢/min
  • India: Mobile: 2.44 ¢/min
  • Kenya: Mobile: 8.06 ¢/min
  • Mexico: Mobile: 2.11 ¢/min
  • Vietnam: Mobile: 0.00 ¢/min
  • Senegal: Mobile: 19.50 ¢/min
  • Philippines: Mobile: 8.73 ¢/min

What Are the Best Reasons to Use BoxyPay?

BoxyPay stands out as a preferred option for sending money to Nigeria as this is it specialisation. Its expertise lies in facilitating mobile money transfers, making it an excellent choice in this field. BoxyPay not only offers remittance services but also operates a well-established phone card service, integrating it seamlessly with international money transfers.

Moreover, BoxyPay excels in providing instant cash transfers, allowing transactions at merchant locations without the need for a bank account. This feature enhances its accessibility and convenience for users.

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Can BoxyPay Be Trusted?

Before deciding to use BoxyPay for your money transfers, it’s crucial to assess the legality and trustworthiness of the service. BoxyPay demonstrates a responsible and trustworthy approach to money transfers by educating users about common scams they should avoid while using the platform.

To enhance security, BoxyPay employs robust measures such as 128-bit encryption on its website, safeguarding user information from potential hackers and fraudsters. Mandatory two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, ensuring secure access to user accounts. Additionally, BoxyPay uses bank-grade security protocols, including secure passwords and PIN systems, to safeguard user data effectively. These security measures underscore BoxyPay’s commitment to protecting its users’ sensitive information.

Boxypay representatives are available by email 24/7 – [email protected] ​to make sending funds to loved ones fast and simple.

Help Mon-Sat 9 am-6 pm EST – Call +1(470) 708-6469

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