Vodafone Big Bundle Packages

In this article, we’ll review Vodafone’s Big Value Bundles. We’ll start by looking at the new Pay As You Go bundles from Vodafone and what you’ll get included in each one.

What’s Included in a Big Value Bundle?

A Big Value Bundle, also known as the Pay as You Go bundle, provides a 30-day allowance of data, unlimited minutes, and texts. You have the flexibility to change or cancel the bundle at any time. Additionally, all bundles include Total Rollover, allowing you to carry over unused data, minutes, and texts to the next 30 days. As long as your account has sufficient credit, the bundle will automatically renew on day 30.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Vodafone Big Value Bundles are available to Pay as you go customers on Vodafone Pay as you go 1, Simply, Smartstep and Smartplus pricing terms.
  • Big Value Bundles cannot be used with Vodafone Freebies, such as Vodafone Free Weekends

Vodafone Big Value Bundles

In the UK, Vodafone provides Pay As You Go bundles called Big Value Bundles starting from £10. These bundles offer unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and a data allowance that can be used over 30 days.

Vodafone currently offers a choice of five Pay As You Go bundles to choose from;

Minutes Texts Data Monthly Price
Unlimited Unlimited 7GB £10.00
Unlimited Unlimited 20GB £15.00
UnlimitedUnlimited 40GB £20.00
Unlimited Unlimited 100GB £30.00
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £40.00

How To Buy Vodafone Big Bundle

If you’re already a Vodafone Pay As You Go customer, you can purchase a Big Value Bundle through Vodafone’s website, by calling 2345, or by sending a text message with the appropriate bundle code.

£10 Big Value Bundle – Text BIGVALUE10 to 2345 from your Vodafone line

£15 Big Value Bundle – Text BIGVALUE15 to 2345 from your Vodafone line

£20 Big Value Bundle – Text BIGVALUE20 to 2345 from your Vodafone line

£30 Big Value Bundle – Text BIGVALUE30 to 2345 from your Vodafone line

£40 Big Value Bundle – Text BIGVALUE40 to 2345 from your Vodafone line

Benefits Of The Vodafone Big Bundle

Total Rollover

Vodafone’s Pay As You Go bundles offer a unique feature called Total Rollover, allowing you to carry forward any unused data to the next month’s allowance. 

For instance, if your £15 Big Value Bundle includes 20 GB of data monthly and you have 5 GB left unused, your next month’s allowance becomes 25 GB.

Total Rollover applies when you automatically renew the same Big Value Bundle. It’s not available if you renew early or switch to a different bundle. Unused allowances can only be rolled over once, and they’ll always be used first, maximizing the data carried over to the following month.

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5G Ready Bundles

Opting for the £30 or £40 Big Value Bundle provides access to Vodafone’s 5G network in 100 UK towns and cities. With 5G, you can experience impressive average download speeds of 150-200Mbps, which is five to ten times faster than 4G (with average download speeds of 23-35Mbps). This technology offers increased network capacity and reduced latency. Moreover, the £40 Big Value Bundle offers unlimited data with unrestricted 5G speeds.

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