A Beginner’s Guide to Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana

Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana: As a beginner in the crypto space, you might not know how to withdraw your asset to your bank account. You may not even know that it is possible to withdraw cryptocurrency to a bank account. Moreso, regulations are guiding the selling of cryptocurrency in Ghana and stress around following the frameworks. However confusing it may seem, we are here to help. This article will guide you on which way to go when you want to withdraw crypto to a bank account in Ghana.

You would need a crypto trading or exchange platform to withdraw crypto to a bank account in Ghana. You need just one requirement in addition to getting a crypto exchange platform; make sure that the crypto platform is a credible exchange for withdrawing crypto to a bank account. Things you would look out for in a reputable peer-to-peer crypto platform include, first and foremost, customer reviews.

You can tell how reputable a crypto exchange platform is when you read customer feedback. Other things to look for include swift and error-free transaction processing, responsive and easily accessible customer support, and exchange rates. The guide below are steps to take for withdrawing crypto to a bank account in Ghana:

Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana

  1. Get a crypto exchange platform where you withdraw funds to Ghanaian banks: An important thing you should not miss when choosing a crypto exchange for withdrawing crypto to a bank account is to ensure the platform you choose supports the withdrawal of cryptocurrency to banks in Ghana. Some crypto exchanges you can choose from include Dart Africa, Binance, and Coinbase.
  2. Create an account and verify it: Registering with the platform you choose is another important step you would take to be able to withdraw crypto to your bank account. After signing up with the exchange, the next important step is to verify your account, following the method required by the platform. Some platforms like Binance would require you to use forms of identity like a National Identity card or proof of residence; others would need just your email address for account verification and activation.
  3. Trade your cryptocurrency for Cedis: After verifying your account, sell your crypto for cash by following the steps the platform requests. 
  4. Withdraw your funds: navigate to the withdrawal section on the platform after completing your transaction. You would need to input your bank account details as required for this step.

Which Crypto Exchange Platform is Best for Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana?

Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana

Aside from ensuring that a crypto platform supports withdrawals to bank accounts in Ghana, this article highlighted some features you should look for when choosing the right crypto exchange platform. If you are looking for a crypto platform that can provide all these features or services, Dart Africa is the one you are looking for. 

Dart Africa is a crypto exchange platform that aims at providing the best crypto services to cryptocurrency traders. Dart Africa achieves this aim by providing a glitch-free transaction on the exchange, taking a few minutes. One job is being a crypto platform another is being a crypto platform that has credibility with clients. Many clients have performed crypto transactions with Dart Africa, including withdrawing crypto to bank accounts in Ghana. Dart Africa has at least four-star ratings, which are excellent reviews from these customers. You can confirm this from the review sections of app stores like the Google Play Store. 

Another outstanding service Dart Africa provides is the best rates possible for your crypto. So you can know that you can always get the best rates for the assets you withdraw to your bank account in Ghana on Dart Africa. You can check the rate for any amount of cryptocurrency on dart Africa by following these steps:

  1. Go to https://dartafrica.io/coincalculator 
  2. Select the crypto you wish to check in the coin selection tab.
  3. Fill in the amount. 

The rates in Ghanaian currency, GHS, would be displayed on the right side of the page, while the USD rate will be below the amount tab.

How to Withdraw Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana on Dart Africa

To withdraw crypto to a bank account in Ghana on Dart Africa, you need to create an account with your email address. You also need a reachable email address for verifications when required. Here is how you can withdraw crypto to a bank account in Ghana on Dart Africa:

  1. Go to https://dartafrica.io/ or download Dart Africa application on an app store. 
  2. Create an account by filling in the required details. 
  3. Verify your email address and activate your account. 
  4. Add your local bank account by filling in the required information.
  5. Exchange your crypto for Cedis in the sell coin section by filling in the required information.
  6. Send the crypto amount to the wallet address provided and wait for two confirmations.
  7. Withdraw your crypto payment into your bank account. 

Ensure to copy and paste the wallet address provided, not type or write it out. Also, note that this process only takes a few minutes to complete.

Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana – Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana – Withdrawing Crypto to Bank Account in Ghana

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